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Anytime, anywhere! Learning technology tools & techniques that everyone can use to improve the learning rates of new generation. Do you know why children fail to learn because no-one ever taught them how to learn; that is how to identify the barriers to learning and how to overcome those barriers. What are the barriers to learning? The answer would be in Study Technology.

Day to day new technologies are all innovations that revolutionized the way we live and work.

1.1.0001: The World’s Internet Population
The map uses 2011 data on Internet users and total population datasets that were obtained from the World Bank. The World Bank has tracked the number of Internet users and Internet connections per country since the 1990s as part of its Worldwide Governance Indicators project.

First, the rise of Asia as the main contributor to the world’s Internet population; 42% of the world’s Internet users live in Asia, and China, India, and Japan alone host more Internet users than Europe and North America combined.



It is therefore important to remember that despite the massive impacts that the Internet has on everyday life for many people, most people on our planet remain entirely disconnected. Only one third of the world’s population has access to the Internet.

1.1.0002: On Oct’2016 A U.K. – Based Moley Robotics Created a Fully Automated Robotics and opened a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign seeking about $1.2 million for its robot kitchen, an artificial intelligence-powered device that apparently learns recipes. It has a pair of eery hands and even cleans up!


1.1.0003:  A Digital story telling mixed with aerial dancing & acrobatics by an American girl name Abigail; her imagination. It is a new method of communicating story.


1.1.0004:  Your Macbook begin to slow down with age; However there are many ways to fixIT up.

  1. You are saving file long time!How large is you hard Disk and how much space do you have left? Do you know hard drive is getting full. Clean up your HDD Space.
  2. Your OSX might be Out-dated. Please update your OSX from AppStore
  3. Start-up applications are slowing you down. Make sure When you start your device, a lot of things load up in the background. This is running continuously background all time you are on your Mac. Manage your Start-up Items.
  4. Too much UN-necessary applications are running in the background. Reset & Restart your browser and clear its cache. End processes with Activity Monitor.
  5. If you have received old hardware. When your Mac hardware gets too old, speed drops drastically and you can do little to fix it without taking some serious measures. Upgrade your hardware like Mac’s RAM.

Note: Be careful when cleaning your Macbook, please make sure you don’t delete anything that your Mac OSX needs.

1.1.0005: Apple iPhone 7
Flint Center in Cupertino, CA. Imminently release of a new iPhone brings a pair of new models that the device will include NFC (Near Field Communication), a way for devices that are near each other to communicate wirelessly.

First iPhone – 1st generation
iPhone 3G – 2nd generation
iPhone 3GS – 3rd generation
iPhone 4 – 4th generation
iPhone 4S – 5th generation
iPhone 5 – 6th generation
iPhone 5s – 7th generation
iPhone 6 – eight generation
iPhone 7 – ninth generation

Apple Watch is as much about self-expression as it is utility. There are a range of watch faces and millions of ways to personalize them.  -Tim Cook

1.1.0006: How to Boost WiFi Speeds at Home & Office
In order to boosting your WiFi internet speeds , please check up all  Macbook mobile device first, which are connected with WiFI. If these are not processing very fast then it may appear as if your Internet is going SLOW when it is not. There may also be other person in the house on your Internet. Your kids may be downloading almost continuously which is eating up your Internet speed or available amount. Click here for tips to how to speed up your WiFi internet at home & office.

1.1.0007: How to protect your I.T Infrastructure. Keeping cyber gangs at bay.
The following are tips for small businesses to take to stave off cyber crime.
1. Keep your operating systems updated and regularly patched.
2. Have a firewall plus software that opposes virus, spyware and phishing attacks.
3. Keep your browsers updated at all times with the latest version of the software.
4. Keep all system software updated.
5. Encrypt your wireless network.
6. Restrict software and set up administrative rights so that nothing can be installed on company computers without authorization.
7. Use filtering that controls access to data.
8. Block access to restricted sites with Internet filters to prevent employees and hackers from uploading data to storage clouds.
9. Remove or disable USB ports so that malicious data can’t be downloaded.
10. Implement strict password concept.
11. Encrypt entire drives, folders and files.

Click here for more information.

1.1.0008:  In 2016 as per the social marketing agency details how the internet has changed in the last year in-depth.

1.1.0009: Success of positivism of Employees-startups.
portfolio-big9For startups that want to grow and grow, the workforce should have ex-startup talent to those nearing retirement, says Alexander Souter of Overcart

1. Multi-taskers: The key to startup success. In a fast-paced environment, the ability to juggle a multitude of projects is critical. This explains the bias of startups towards younger candidates that can be trained and driven to be able to complete 10 tasks at a time.

2. Sales staff: They are worth their weight in gold. For any companies that have enterprise selling, the battle for that talent is going to be aggressive.

3. Ex-startup talent: Battle scarred and battle ready. A number of startups have shut down or are in the process and a lot of highly talented individuals are coming into the market looking for a new home.

4. Ex-entrepreneurs:
The best of the best. Differentiate between wanna-preneurs who have spent three months building slider-blog-570x270a startup but not sticking it out and entrepreneurs who have built and actually shipped products. They didn’t find product market fit; they couldn’t raise funding or needed income to support the family – no problem; it happens to everyone. But they built something, saw it to its conclusion and gave it their best. And they will do the same for you.

5. Good recruiters: Least valued, most impact-ful. A strong recruiter will bring the best talent into your company – and we all know that talent is the key. Too often, HR is neglected as a fluffy function (although HR people often bring this onto themselves). Recruiter who is business-driven, metric-oriented and culturally-aware, will ensure you have the best talent in your sector.

6. Ex-Army: They will instill discipline into your troops. A lot of ex-Army personnel are looking for career changes, doing MBAs from good schools, and are hungry to climb a different ladder. If they could defend the borders, don’t you think that maintaining smooth processes is going to be a walk in the park for them?

7. Close to retirement talent: So much to give. The toughest cultural question for startups, especially younger entrepreneurs, is how do you manage someone as old as your dad who you would call uncle in a social setting? This one we have been grappling with for years — how to culturally integrate more experienced talent with the short and flip-flop wearing 20-year-olds running around our offices on caffeine highs and fist-bumping each other. We haven’t solved it yet, but someone will!

1.1.0010: Habits Ever Want to See at Work.
If you can recognize that an employee is unproductive, that’s the first step in making changes. Consider some of these traits and actions to look for below:portfolio-big6

Complaining: It doesn’t matter why someone is complaining or whom he or she is complaining to (or about), complaints often show that someone is not willing to put in the work to make a change. It’s a time waster, and it’s almost always easier to complain than to be productive.

Making Excuses : Similar to complaining, making excuses is not the way to be productive. It’s one thing if things don’t get done because other things take priority, but if something doesn’t get done because of an unfair excuse, then that’s a problem with the employee. Start paying attention and see if there seems to be an excuse for everything. One or two every once in a while is OK, but excuses can get out of hand quickly.

Putting Things Off: This characteristic can go right along with excuses. Most of the time, an employee will put something off because of an excuse, but sometimes you’ll notice that he or she will act like it can wait and brush a task off as “not a big deal.” Again, while this might be OK in small doses, if it becomes a habit you have a problem.

Running Everything by the Authority: This may happen for one of two reasons: Either the employee is hoping the boss will just do the work or delegate it to someone else (usually because of excuses the employee lays out), or the employee doesn’t feel like he or she can be independent and get things done. In either situation, an employee won’t be productive. Part of productivity is being able to take the problems at hand, get creative, and work hard to solve them, and part is actually wanting to solve them. Running to the boss doesn’t help anyone get to that point, and therefore hurts productivity.

Only Caring About Getting Credit: This is a classic sign of someone who does not really care about the job. Therefore, such employees only worry about being productive if it’s going to get them credit in the long run. In order to really be productive, you have to be creative and innovative in your role—simply doing what you’re told and then stopping your work isn’t always using your time efficiently. Even more than simply being unproductive, this is a characteristic that really shows an employee is not motivated, which brings us to our next point.

There Is No Motivation or Drive: You can usually tell if people don’t have motivation or drive if they’re doing all of the things mentioned above—making excuses, putting things off, complaining, and always bothering the boss. All of these feelings combined with a lethargic attitude contribute to not being productive. Why would an employee be productive if he or she doesn’t care about the company and what that productivity could produce? After all, being productive takes work.

blog1-570x270In some cases, there is a lack of motivation and productivity simply because that employee was the wrong fit to begin with.

Personal Betterment and Brand Is Slipping: This is usually what happens when people get complacent at their jobs. Maybe they’re doing what they’re told and not making excuses or complaining, and maybe they even sometimes solve problems on their own and get things done, but if their personal brand and betterment is slipping, then the work becomes routine. Part of being productive is learning new skills and taking pride in an online brand (even if it’s just to help the company). This shows independence and it shows motivation. Without this, productivity lacks.

The Takeaway. Article, “The really productive people don’t dwell on the problem. They just do the work.”

1.1.0010: To secure website from operator and outline the things many webmasters blow to check on their sites.

Last few years have noticed an integration of new technologies and ready-made fabric works in the web development process. Complex and deeply specialized plug-ins and tools like Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress. But with these tools, construction and uploading a website is accessible than ever.

Use better Passwords:

It goes without saying that the absence password and username are not suitable to secure your website admin panel. Good passwords are the ones pursue the CLU requirement (Complex, Long, Unique). Put up a good fight for the Brute-Force attackers; use superior passwords.

Tinker with the Default CMS Settings:

CMS applications need to be custom-built to your business use before installation. It’s not that good of a muff fit as you potency has believed. Customizing or at least absolutely reviewing those CMS settings is great to secure your data and can help you avert a higher number of cyber rapid since many of them are electronic around the presumption that default settings are being used. Even if the least load of changes is integrated, the whole security system can be restored.

Update your software! –

Update your CMS versions as soon as available. It is a thing that has a sensational effect on your website work and security. You should update the plug-ins on your section as soon as an update is available. The full reason for WordPress or other CMS version updates is that susceptible was discovered and they discharged a fix patch before more blow could be inflicted. Most hacking is automatic nowadays as sites are searching for exploitation opportunities. Don’t let your site be the one.

Integrate User Control Access:

If your site is used by numerous users, it’s obligatory that individual users have applicable permissions required to finally complete their jobs. In some unusual cases; when a user lack escalated permissions, you can use the bottom Privileged method to briefly allow them. It is also necessary to your web site freedom that all users’ updates are documented and logged. This helps in diagnose if any user account has been adjusting or is acting ‘suspiciously’.

Should not use a single server to host multiple sites:

Many webmasters do this. They buy a cache data intensive web hosting idea and stuff multiple sites on a single server. This is akin to your website being a ‘honey pot’ for hackers and spammers all over the web. Similarly, one website agree can easily spread the bug to adjacent pages. Not only does this development in all your sites being hacked together; it also complicates the completion process. Even when the wrap has been completed successfully, you need to reboot all the passwords on all your websites, which itself is a nightmare.

Get Acquainted with Server Configuration Files:

Securing your site starts from securing to know your server shape files. These files allow the user to disclose server rules, the edict to ramp-up security and verification protocols. Some of the traditional configuration settings are to turn off image hot linking, list access and limiting clarity of tricky files by restricting PHP execution in a list that holds sensitive data.

Use only Authentic Extensions:

delay used in a CMS function are the Achilles heel of even the better secure website. They offer untold functionality in the CMS eco-system and can give a vulnerable entrance to the petty programs. An obvious choice to avert these sorts of charge is using only authentic and verified delay from legitimate sources that have a history of the market, are faithfully updated and have a large number of installs.

Have Frequented and Comprehensive Backups:

It is an outright must to always have backups of your data in some distant and safe place. If you handle purchase on your website; it is fundamental that those back-ups are never older than 2 days or less. In a case of your site being hacked, you can employ those backups to cross reference comment and liaise with the allowance and security providers. It is essential that this data be reserved in a remote place since hackers are precise and highly coordinated in their financial attacks.

File Permissions:

It is necessary that file acceptance is defined for analog user types. It streamlines the file read, write or decapitation process. Through a customized file admission structure; you can easily manage and deputy the routine tasks without building your site accessible to invaders and infiltrators.

Incorporate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):

SSL is a networking protocol that protected communication between clients and servers. It prove encryption of data which prohibit Snoopers from amass the communication exchange. Incorporating SSL in your site provides the desire required to nudge the customers over that conversion funnel. It is an necessary part of e-commerce website security and needs to be incorporated when handling personally attributable information or conscious financial data. A skillful web developer like Pyxel can integrate secure e-commerce tools for your business.

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