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Not all small business owners and professionals have the time, ability or inclination to build, maintain and regularly update a website. But at the same time many would still like to have some sort of presence on the web. Therein lies the opportunity for internet-savvy entrepreneurs: Develop, maintain and market a community-based website, featuring local news and information, as well as participating businesses and professionals.bizstudio-2

In exchange for a fee, give small business owners the real lowdown on the quality of their site. In the rush to get online, many small-business owners forget that information and services should provide value on their site. In a nutshell, as the quality consultant you’d view a client’s website and submit a full report. The report could include a comparison to competitor sites, a rating on how user-friendly their site is, and suggestions on how the site could be improved. These improvements could range from including a software application to providing enhanced visitor services to changing the style of how content is presented.


In One Second, Each and Every Second, there are

Internet Top Ten Countries

The following table shows the World Top Internet Countries Users
Growth between the years 2000 and 2017:

World Regions Internet Users 2000 Internet Users 2017 Facebook Users 2016
CHINA 22,553,646 731,434,547 1,800,000
INDIA 5,557,455 462,124,989 157,000,000
USA 121,869,116 286,942,362 201,000,000
BRAZIL 5,046,275 139,111,195 111,000,000
INDONESIA 1,957,942 132,700,000 88,000,000
JAPAN 37,702,761 118,453,595 26,000,000
RUSSIA 2,894,684 104,553,691 12,000,000
NIGERIA 78,740 93,591,174 16,000,000
GERMANY 24,745,957 71,727,551 31,000,000
MEXICO 5,224,099 69,915,219 69,000,000

Source: Internet World Stats curated content archives, 2000 -2017. Copyright © 2017, Miniwatts Marketing Group.


There is no doubt that the landscape of modern employee operations is fast transforming—the current workforce is opting to work offsite more often, increasingly utilizing BYOD (Bring Your Won Device), and demanding ever more mobile enterprise.By year 2030, 75% of the global workforce portfolio-big1will be millennial, so modern enterprises must implement high-functioning IT environments in order to attract new talent and ensure business practices are up-to-date. High Speed connectivity requirement crosses boundaries of business size, so whether you are a large multi-national enterprise, a branch office or a small to medium-sized business (SMB), the need to connect is there.


The combination of mobile devices and cloud-based applications is changing the way businesses operate and how their employees engage with customers and interact with business processes. The network is evolving from an IT resource to a strategic business enabler. To support employee productivity—whether working from home, in meeting rooms, or at client offices – businesses need a simple and reliable network infrastructure that can be supported by limited IT resources. Today employees are choosing mobile access and that no matter the size, a business must have an affordable, high-performance and secure Wi-Fi infrastructure that can support the growing number of mobile devices and cloud-based applications. This network must also deliver the quality experience that users expect, along with the level of security controls that your business processes will demand.home-office-407240_12801-752x440


Screaming fast connections:
While wireless is the primary means by which employees will access the network, you need an end-to-end integrated wireless and wired infrastructure that is easy to deploy, offers built-in security and high connection speeds, along with the tools to collect and analyse network performance data.

With the arrival of digital workplaces comes added security threats. You will need integrated and automated security controls to help protect your business data from malware and unauthorised users. Wireless intrusion detection and prevention can safeguard your infrastructure from wireless threats, rogue access points and clients.

Network and application visibility:
With the increasing number of devices connecting to the network, you may need more insight into users, devices, and applications running on the network as well as ensuring that the network is running smoothly. You need a flexible and easy-to-use network management solution that can grow with your business – from free built-in network management to full-feature company management.

Room to Grow:
Your business is constantly evolving, and so should your network. You need a solution that can grow as you grow. It should provide you with the flexibility to build out your network to suit your business needs. Whether you start with a controller-less Wi-Fi solution, and then add a controller to scale – or use built-in management interfaces, then add cloud-based or software-based options later – your network should evolve with your business and allow you to protect your existing investments.

Internet & Security


GitHub global distribution is strongly correlated with the number of Internet users in a country. Protect your business from organized cyber crime rings that may include the following players:

Carders: Specialists distribute and sell stolen credit and debit card data. Sometimes they transfer the data onto blank cards, then put foil on them to create duplicates.

Programmers: These skilled tech pros write and code the viruses that infect a business’s computer network.

Hackers: These intruders break into a company’s’ System networks via their vulnerabilities.

Adopting software and hiring professionals: Make sure other security issues can result from scammers working on the inside or employees not being educated about the risks of bringing their own devices to work. Business owners should consult with security professionals. By installing data-loss prevention and risk-assessment software, it’s possible to monitor the entire network’s activities to detect events that could lead to a data breach and detect trespassers before it occurs. White hat hackers will search for weaknesses and try to break through them, using tactics similar to what black hat hackers use. These white hat hackers may use social engineering tricks or screen the physical security of the building for weaknesses, even during business hours. Staged attacks have been proved to succeed elsewhere, so if they work against the company during these experiments, the company will have a rude awakening.

Are you fade-up with your your Internet speed? How to Boost WiFi Speeds at Home & Office!

In order to boosting your WiFi internet speeds at home or office, you may need to check the no. of devices connected.  Other devices not processing very fast then it may appear as if your Internet is going slow when it is not. There may also be other people in the house on your Internet. Your kids may be downloading almost continuously which is eating up your Internet speed/available amount.

Here are a few tips to speed up your Wi-Fi internet at home:

Devices to switch your channel to another channel
This may help if there are lots of other people using the same radio channels. Main problem is that many times it does not, and the reason is to do with the fact that heavy usage on one channel will seep over and make other channels less productive too.

Change ISP to see if that helps
There is a chance they are to blame for your poor Internet speeds.It is probably possible to upgrade so that your Internet goes faster. It may even be that your Internet is running fine considering the Internet speed you agreed to when you bought your Internet package. You can check the speed test at

Use an Ethernet cable instead
A PC and laptop will have an Ethernet cable but your mobile device is unlikely to have one, and you are restricted to how far away you may be to your Internet router. You need to be fairly close in order for the wire to reach your device.

Put your router somewhere prominent
There is something to be said for putting your router in a prominent position. In some cases it does heap, which suggests that the place you had it beforehand was causing a problem.

Improve your Wi-Fi internet receiver
You can do this with adaptors and accessories or you can get yourself and new and more powerful reliever. Theoretically if you upgrade upwards then the signal strength and speed should improve.

Use the latest Wi-Fi internet router, receiver and software
It may be possible to upgrade to something more modern. If this is the case then you should get the most modern receiver, router and software that you can. In an ideal world it will improve the speed of your Internet.

Get rid of possible interference such as your cordless phone
It will certainly be a problem when calls are being made or received. How it is a problem has something to do with the radio waves it uses and you may even find that your Internet gets cut off when calls are being made or received.

Improve your Wi-Fi internet security code
It is possible for people to steal your Wi-Fi internet because it is being transmitted for miles around. Check to see if your security is up to scratch because it may be that someone living near you is stealing your Internet without you knowing.

For more information please get in touch with me.


Internet Tube Map is  simplification of the world’s network of submarine fibre-optic cables. Each node has been assigned to a country, and all nodes located in the same country have been collapsed into a single node. The resulting network has been then abstracted. The map also includes symbols referring to countries listed as “Enemies of the Internet” in the 2014 report of Reporters Without Borders.

On the one hand, Internet users in central countries tend to have faster and cheaper connections to the Internet — there are no countries with low-cost Internet access that aren’t also relatively well-connected.

WAYS TO STAY SAFE: Whether you are worried or not about your own online security, it’s best to keep these tips in mind to maximize your safety:

  • Use the latest patches and security updates available.
  • Create strong and different passwords for each site you use.
  • Utilize security software.
  • Be aware of the current scams out there.
  • Turn off location settings on your smartphone.
  • Understand privacy policies and mobile security options.
  • Think about what you share on social media before posting it, including where you are and what you are doing.
  • Back up your information regularly.
  • Don’t give any personal information away online.

Maybe millennials just know something the rest of us don’t in terms of the comfort level they have with working, living and connecting online. Despite how they feel, the reality is that online security needs to be continually addressed by everyone that uses the Internet and connected devices, as well as by the organizations set to create new security solutions.

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