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Bonjour! I am passionate about trying out new tools and using technology for the benefit of entrepreneur, community since 1997. I took Computer Science; my passion to making websites for personal, organizations & enterprises whose main goal is to be recognized and be accessible on the World Wide Web.  My ambition to help you make your mark on the internet & be part of the rapid development of the web. In Technologies Service – “I believe in helping you – Make – Happy – Customer”.

Can you be sure that your IT investment is as fine- tuned as solutions itself!

myhmeWrk-Copy-e1410688317183IT Professionals who truly understand how your IT infrastructure, systems work & more importantly–how they can and should work.

Highlights of Learning :
• Web-Design & hosting | Infrastructure Mgmt. Services (IMS)-Networks-Data |• Wireless-Internet-security plantation|• Network Setup – Fiber Optic|• Cctv security plantation |• IT Services Management |• Moodle Server |• Client & Server Computing |• Resource Management  | • Incident Management |•Key Account Management |• IT Strategic Planning | • Service Delivery Management |• Client &Server /Workstation -Troubleshooting & Resolution |• Design/Implement ICT Model |• Multimedia &AV Implementation |•Robotics |•Software analysis, design and migration|• Automation /Manual S/w Testing |• Project Management |• Business Solutions | • IT Governance |• Digital Technologies and Pedagogy|• End-user Support |• Training and Development |• Capital Expenditure Planning|• Backup/Restore/ Data Recovery |• Vendor Evaluation

Platforms:  OS X, Linux, Android, Citrix ICA, UNIX, Windows Cluster, UTM; Computer Instruments & IVRs, VPN, HRM, LMS.
-> APPLE – iPad, Macbook, iTunes U; Kindle Fire; FOSS, Open Educational Resources (OER) Projects; Digital Book Index.
-> Wireless Network:  Mesh Network, P2P, Multi Point
-> Web Management: Word press, HTML5, php &mysql, RHEL Scripting.
-> Cisco 2500 Switches; Sonic Wall Hardware VPNs; VOIP Phone
-> HP-IBM-Dell & Intel Based Server & Workstation, IP: Next-generation network (NGN)
-> Networker, OFC Network, SAN, NAS, AV, LMS-Moodle; FC Switches, Disaster recovery (DRP) planning; Clouding, VLAN configuration, Firewall, Routing, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, FTP, VPN/Site to Site VPN.


Thanks & have a great day!

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